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Thus scholarship on the history of the Grateful Dead's music has thrived, with so much glorious source material.

Yet it remains a fascinating conundrum, that for all the Dead's worldwide popularity and voluminous history, some factual details remain tantalizingly just beyond our knowledge.

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Brush over the tops of the breadsticks and cook another five minutes.

Last week, we published a review by Anna Crusis of the super deluxe anniversary edition of "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

sent in some recent views of Turtle Trail yesterday (Tuesday) In the one above you can see the shell piles that will be of interest to some of you. I was able to work wet sand after pumping coil, readjusting threshold, and lowering sensitivity. I would suspect similar shell piles at places like Ambersands, but didn't see it so don't know for sure.

Giles Martin recently said that almost everything was left intact, well this is not so. Most larger coils lose the top few inches to sacrifice for going deeper, and require lowering sensitivity to work properly. Looked like the shell piles might have been heavier at Turtle Trail. Amazed that it found small objects close to surface.2 he "erased" Paul and George’s backing vocals, when in reality, he gave us the actual TAKE 1 without any overdubs as Mark Lewisohn documented, a version that wasn’t bootlegged before that.The photograph above was taken on Tuesday 10th January 2017 in Nerja, Málaga, Spain.

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