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“Online grooming refers to the act of adult forming a relationship with a child or younger person with the intent of later having sexual contact or committing other crimes.

This can take place in chat rooms, instant messaging, and social networking sites.” What is it?

is here to tell you that you most certainly are not.

To prove this to you, we are offering you a support network with an Alzheimer's Disease Peer Support Chat Room, alzheimer's disease peer support forums and an alzheimer's disease peer support social network.

When you feel like you need someone to talk to or share all your social media networking frustrations, social media agony aunt, otherwise known as Auntienet, is here to listen and help you.

#Auntienet is here to lend an ear and assist you with all the problems and challenges you encounter online.

#Auntienet is here to help you navigate your way in this complex world of social media networking. “Like other forms of bullying such as verbal abuse, social exclusion and physical aggression, cyber bullying may result in the targeted person developing social, psychological and educational issues.

While cyber bullying is similar to ‘real life’ bullying it also differs in some ways: What is it?

To hold the hand of the man or woman who raised you, and see them struggling to recognize you can cut a hole deep inside your heart and can make you feel alone.

Another popular resource integrated into our site is the live chat room.

This is a great place to begin if you just want to run things by other visitors informally, but it's probably unsuitable if you have a lot of information to share in a single hit, as it's an environment for general chit-chat.

Please enter to meet, greet, share and support with others.

According to, Alzheimer's Association, "5.3 million people in the United States alone have alzheimer's disease, and there are 10.9 million unpaid caregivers for these ill people." Perhaps you are one of those millions of caregivers not only in the United States, but around the world.

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