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In contrast is the Xanatos Gambit, where the planner is perfectly content with the success of the first part of the scheme the second part. Not to be confused with Gone Horribly Right, where a person does succeed rather than fail, but that turns out to be a bad thing.Also not to be confused with Epic Fail, which is when an unintended failure happens in such sheer magnitude that the failure becomes impressive in and of itself. Crossing it twice is always "better" than crossing it only once.

Publishers, do you need an Air Show photo reporter ?

Hayden C - Sttaight, snob, thinks he is too good to talk to the few fans he has. She was already leery of him, and when he asked for money she referred him to her business manager. Even from that he discovered a lot of stuff that hadn't hit the newspapers yet. We read something in a magazine and think it just happened.

Hugh Jackman, straight, rumoured to hire female hookers, in a non-sexual relatipnship with his wive after she found out. Beyonce sees herself as culturally as important as Michael Jackson. She believes her own press, and glories in the wealth she 's accumulated with Jay Z. In reality most items are old before they see print.

Grammy Award-nominated R&B artist whose albums Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite and BLACKsummers'night were both Platinum-certified.

He performed around New York in the 1980s and part of the 1990s, signing a record contract in 1994.

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