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• Click here for's Personal Technology Center. "My friends and I just looked at it, and we were cracking up." The list is actually a couple of years old and comes from Net, a Web site devoted to collating and explaining online jargon.It was originally titled "Top 50 Internet Acronyms Parents Need to Know," and each term listed there clicks through to a page indicating its origin.Snaggles fresh new adult dating site If you're paying, try it for one month first If you're new to a paid online dating site, consider joining for one month first to see if it suits.Meet Me, bored and want to meet up with someone nearby?I’m just scared.’ Spending Prime years pursuing educational and Career goals: It might sound quite harsh, but one revelation made is that the best moment for most women to get suitable partners or husbands is when they are in their Prime.Hence, the need for them to capitalize on their young age, looks, and fertility to get the kind of man that they want. The Jaipur Couples Seeking Men category is the place to find the man you seek.

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Your phone's location setting needs to be turned.

"Something that's being used on the West Coast, for example, won't be in the East, and the South may use terms that aren't common in the Pacific Northwest.

And the Midwest is just a hotbed of this sex chat-room stuff." Jansen's not saying that every teenager is using each acronym, but she insists all of them are things parents should be aware of.

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