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The key to turning a connection from online dating in Omaha into a real world relationship is the first date.

If you impress your chosen partner with a great date, you will receive an invitation for a second one.

Dating singles in Omaha has never been more easier, safe, nor as much fun!

With our matchmaking partner Nebraska Dating, we service Omaha and surrounding areas.

Building up your self image and feeling confident enough to approach someone takes some practice.I would be happy to hear from anyone else, men or women, regarding what makes the dating scene in Omaha 'weird.' I still think, based on my interactions with women in Omaha outside of the dating scene, that on average women in Omaha are more unhappy than the average American woman for some reason. How about the guy that on a meet tells you he has had 3 assault charges filed on him... And that he has been "clean" for 6 months now How about the guy who shows up with a dirty t-shirt on and it has holes in it!!! How fun do you think it is to meet little miss snottypants who never shuts up and tells you all kinds of stupid things and then openly acts disappointed that she agreed to meet with you!Become a digital subscriber today and enjoy unlimited access to the Omaha World-Herald anytime, anywhere.If you are a 7-day print subscriber, unlimited digital access is included in your subscription and you simply need to set up an online account.If you need help, please contact our office at 1-844-311-9811 or email [email protected]

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